About Us

The History

Founded in 2011 in the uptown financial district of Charlotte, North Carolina, Griffin Moor was created in direct response to the financial crisis of 2007-2008 by three principal partners. With their respective backgrounds in law, finance, and entrepreneurship the founders set out to support small and medium business owners who now found themselves in an increasingly challenging environment. The challenges presented were twofold, tightening credit markets which elevated bank standards for accessing credit and secondarily and perhaps undermentioned was the erosion of collateral value for assets both personal and business. These challenges were exasperated by a philosophical divergence on how to appropriately address these issues by the advisory community which support these entrepreneurs.

Griffin Moor saw in these challenges an opportunity to craft a new, congruent with business in actual practice, advisory firm which addressed business challenges from a perspective combining legal, financial, and business insight. This unique methodology of producing professional advice seemed perfectly suited to advise clients seeking growth in an environment where organic growth was stifled through the complicated business merger process. Thus, the core business of Griffin Moor was established, lower-middle market business acquisition and divestiture advisory. It was soon thereafter that these experiences introduced the secondary offering of capital procurement advisory, purposed to facilitate the needs of identifying interested capital parties to participate in the leveraging aspect of a transaction.

Equipped with a principle of disciplinary unified advisory and two core service offerings Griffin Moor set out to become an international leader in corporate advisory.

The Team

Born and educated in northern Ohio, Mr. Day encompasses the Midwestern characteristics of hard work and dedication which guide his professional practice. Mr. Day’s professional experience consists exclusively in the financial industry. He has a diverse and vast amount of experiences from niche boutique firms to multinational financial institutions. His strengths are Alternative Capitalization, Leveraged Acquisitions, and Market Making. In all capacities, he brings considerable and measurable value.

As Executive Assistant, Mrs. Adler is considered internally as the backbone of operations for the firm. A graduate of Lake Forest College in Business Administration. Mrs. Adler provides support to the firm's executive team through facilitation of communications, human resource management, and logistical support.

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