Griffin Moor International, LLP is a boutique corporate advisory firm providing clients the leverage needed to meet their respective business objectives. Leverage our experience and expertise in the areas of corporate acquisition & divestiture or strategic capitalization. We focus on serving privately held companies in the lower-middle market internationally, and although we are industry agnostic, our focal industries include the following; 
o) Financial Services
o) Non-Network Medical
o) Food & Beverage
Griffin Moor International, LLP represents the future of corporate finance by incorporating historically proven strategies with new cutting edge technology, producing results never seen before in the marketplace. For information on how one of our member partners can assist you, contact us with your question or transaction scenario at 
Griffin Moor International, LLP is not a licensed securities dealer under the definition of the Securities and Exchange Commission 1934 section 3(a)(12). 
Advisory Firm
Our active acquisition and divestiture advisory firm, typically providing acquirer side representation to various entity types including; single entity investor, private equity, and corporate strategic acquirers. Our clients leverage the expertise of our Business Intermediary Advisors and through their representation identify asset value and make acquisition in a seamless and timely manner.  The A&D service offering includes the following;
o) Targeted Search     
o) Enterprise Valuation     
o) Acquirer Representation    
o) Post Acquisition Integration
& Divestitures
Griffin Moor International, LLP is not a licensed securities dealer under the definition of the Securities and Exchange Commission of 1934 section 3(a)(12). 
Strategic capitalization is the cornerstone of Griffin Moor International, LLP. Our value proposition is clear, we assist our clients in procuring the appropriate capital mechanism to fuel their objectives. Whether the procurement is for acquisition, growth, or for purposes of accessing captured liquidity, our Commercial Financiers leverage their relationships with banks, private equity, and institutional lenders to source capital. What separates our us from our peers, is our focus on deleveraging or equity exit strategy creation. Our service offering includes both debt and equity formation. 
Corporate Finance
Griffin Moor International, LLP is non-bank or direct lending company. Non-Member FDIC
Griffin Moor International, LLP is a member owned and operated entity, based in the United States of America with presence in the Southeast and Midwest. We are a registered company with Dun and Bradstreet (#07-866-0211) and proud member of the United States Chamber of Commerce. For more information, including investor relations contact us at
About Us
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