Griffin Moor International, LLP is a boutique corporate advisory firm providing clients the leverage needed to meet their respective business objectives. Leverage our experience and expertise in the areas of corporate acquisition & divestiture or strategic capitalization. We focus on serving the privately held companies in the lower-middle market internationally, and although we are industry agnostic, our focal industries include the following; 
o) Industrial Construction
o) Government Contracting
o) Specialty Manufacturing 
Griffin Moor International, LLP represents the future of corporate finance by incorporating historically proven strategies with new cutting-edge technology producing results never seen before in the marketplace. For more information on how one of our member partners can assist you, contact us with your questions or transaction scenario at 

Our active acquisition and divestiture advisory firm typically provide acquirer side representation to various entity types including; individual buyers, private equity firms, and strategic corporate acquirers. Our clients leverage the expertise of our business intermediary advisors to prepare for efficient and precise private market entrance and identify high-quality targets based on quantitative and qualitative assessments.

In strategic capitalization our value proposition is clear, we assist our clients in procuring the appropriate capital mechanism to fuel their objectives. Whether the procurement is for acquisition, growth, or for purposes of accessing captured liquidity, our corporate financiers leverage their relationships with banks, private equity groups, and institutional lenders to source capital.